Does God address our involvement and decision-making in 2011?

Several years ago, God extended His grace to me and opened my eyes/heart/mind to see Him in all of His beauty and wonder; this was a supernatural event beyond me.  The result of that became a hunger and thirst for God through His Word, the Bible, which though I had some, even much, familiarity with… I had never come to it with the appreciation of one who had been lovingly chosen apart from merit to receive a gift… a completely free gift of love and grace and mercy.

Jump to several years later in this reality of eternal salvation and I have experienced some of what the Bible explains as trials and sufferings.  Do I believe in God…really?  How much do I love and trust Him and His promises to me?  Well, isn’t that what trials and suffering reveal?

How did I do?  How did I measure up?  Am I a poster-child for God’s love and grace proved out before men?

Alot of questions;  now… a few responses. 

In my flesh, I am so very weak to follow Jesus Christ in this world.  In reality, I can’t and haven’t, on my own strength anyway.  Many would say I have because much of my habits have changed and much of my thinking has changed to reflect the glory of Jesus Christ (so then, all glory goes to Him, Jesus Christ)  But… on my own… on my own… I am nothing.  I would still trade all of eternity for a moment of self-serving, self-promoting, self-gratification.

So if this is where I find myself, has God failed?  Am I His?  Can I flounder and fail in 2011 and still be part of God’s family? 

Yes.  YES.  With FULL assurance… Yes.  For it wasn’t me who started this work of holiness, but it was the Creator God, the Alpha and the Omega.  He chose and I respondedHe promised and I will follow.  He PROMISED and He will provide everything needed to bring me to Himself, fully aware, fully in control of all things that HE WILL gladly and lovingly and graciously and mercifully DO to show just how GREAT and GLORIOUS and GOOD He is. 

Why?  Why will I ultimately follow and trust and believe and WORSHIP?  Because HE IS.

(Why should you believe and follow and trust and worship?… because HE IS.)

My current struggles to understand life in 2011… the economy & world governance and how I should respond, the realities of my own personal struggles with sin and how I should fight, the intimately-felt burdens of knowing that this world and the enemy of my Savior is going full-tilt against the wife and four children God has graciously stewarded to me… will I trust in God?  will I listen to His word?  will I believe in what I do not see with my physical eyes?   … where else can I place my trust?

 These things I recognize to the extent I can and I face today challenged with my lack of understanding… BUT, I also face today with the promise of Almighty God and His promise.. His justification… and His sanctification and His glorification (oh yes!, there is a wonderful eternal completion of God’s redemptive work in view)…

 I will be holy, because HE IS HOLY.

So, does God speak today?  Does He have anything to say to me… to you… about our involvement and decisions in 2011?

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