I like Facebook, but…

Do you find that FB provokes the tongue, not to meanness or hostility perhaps… but maybe to pretense and facade? 

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2 Responses to I like Facebook, but…

  1. No doubt about it. I’ve been thinking about writing about this…the fact that the amazing accessibility we have to information and each other through technology has the effect of accentuating was is best and most EVIL about us humans. Facebook has given hundres of millions of people the opportunity to incriminate themselves and expose their true depravity 😉 . Problem is, I’m no exception.

  2. TimWitten says:

    Hi Blaine, No exception here either… my depravity is all too evident – praise God for the Cross.

    I’ve been spending some time with an old Horatius Bonar hymn redone slightly by Aaron Keyes, ‘Not What These Hands have Done”. Keyes adds a chorus,
    “these guilty hands are raised, filthy rags are all I bring
    And I have come to hide beneath your wings
    These holy hands are raised, washed in the fountain of your grace
    And now I wear your righteousness”

    It really is an amazing sovereign grace that God has put on display and called us to. My hope is that Facebook doesn’t keep us living in a non-reality, but that we might not be so afraid to use it in a way that God is glorified, so no meanness, hostility… no pretense but rather grace-saturated communication (which needs to curb some of my political retorts 😉

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