Do you have an ‘Al Johnson’?

Do you have an Al Johnson?  Do you have a true brother who sets aside himself… his concerns… his sinful challenges… his agenda… his pains and struggles………….. to listen and carefully admonish, rebuke, speak truth… speak the Word of God into your sin-soaked soul?  Who speaks unabashedly and uncompromisingly about the Truth of God’s Word?

I do. 

I have a brother-in-Christ who has been faithful to God and therefore faithful to me, and I rejoice in our God who has been such a Provider and Sustainer of my faith.

I write this blog post to give glory to God and I write as a remembrance to myself and other readers to give thanks to God for His provision in our lives through those wonderfully ordinary folks among us who display in our lives, through Jesus Christ, the wonderful, beautiful glory that is Jesus Christ.

Al is not alone; there are others too.  There are Andy’s, Bryan’s and Camlon’s, Dan’s and Dave’s and Ed’s and Engle’s and Kryne’s.  And there are those whose names are missed here but whose impact in my life will carry on, producing fruit for the glory of our King. There are the Isaiah’s and the David’s, the JC Ryle’s and the John Piper’s and there are the Todd’s, John’s and Lucas’s who with steadfastness walk according to the Gospel in this life and communicate God’s grace and glory.  There are the manly stalwarts who display before us/me the power of the Gospel.. power to overcome sin… power to live in Christ in this world.  God names names in the Bible, so I will follow suit… Gary, Mike, Rob, Ben,Ted, Jim, Keith, Matt, Ryan.. you among many God has used.  Press on; know that He knows which vessels.. which children to use for His everlasting glory.

My goal is simple.. look to Jesus.  Set your gaze on Him.  Boast in God alone.  He has done great things and He has included you in these everlasting glories.  Worship.  Give thanks.  I am.

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