Free Will… is that the question?

Dropping by Truth Matters this morning, it was interesting to see the latest post titled ‘Free Will’.  This great consideration  has been a recent discussion point in our ABF class at church as we make our way through Wayne/Elliot Grudem’s Christian Beliefs’ (a much abbreviated version of Wayne Grudem’s ‘Systematic Theology’).

Truth Matters posted from The Cripplegate, a new blog to me… but I thought I would include the post here as well for those who visit and as a personal reference for me.  The link below will get you to the post on freedom of the will.

10/28/2011 – added food for thought…  These are some additional posts I spent time with  yesterday on this consideration of free will… or more specifically addressed, libertarian free will (the view that man has the power of contrary choice).


“When a person’s tongue is extensively wrong, it is absurd to say that their heart is right.” ~ J.C. Ryle

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