Keep Thy Heart

“Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life” (Prov 4:23).  The pains which multitudes have taken in religion are but lost labour.  Like the Pharisees of old, they have been tithing annice, mint, and cumin (Mt 23:23), but neglecting the weightier matters.  Many have a zeal, but it is not according to knowledge; they are active, but their energies are misdirected; they have wrought “many wonderful works” (Mt 7:22), but they are rejected of God.  Why?  Because their employments are self-selected or man-appointed, while the one great task which God has assigned, is left unattended to.  All outward actions are worthless while our hearts be not right with God.  He will not so much as hear our prayers while we regard iniquity in our hearts (Ps 66:18)!  Let us, then, endeavor to further point out what is signified by this extremely important exhortation…

(excerpt from “Guarding Your Heart”, A.W. Pink)

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