Unstopped ears…Unstopped heart…Unstopped PRAISE!

CRAZY!  Crazy… stupid… shortsighted… foolish… forgetful… fleshly… these are words I can relate to in view of my repeated dalliances with sin and rebelliousness.

Extreme dalliances?  No, those kind are often much easier to see and deal with… and so maybe ‘extreme’ is not how we should label them.  Maybe the “EXTREME” label is better fastened to the subtleties of movement away from the fellowship with God that He desires to be constant, continual, increasing and holy.

God honors our obedience.  He commands it, make no mistake, but He wonderfully, graciously, abundantly honors and empowers our obedience.  He ravishes us with His glory at times in such tangible ways that we simply cannot set our gaze anywhere else than upon Him.  My chest… my heart is almost unable to bear the weight of this glory.

And then too, He quietly calls our name in the busy noisy activity of the day, still wanting the same response from us… still wanting our love, our obedience, our hearts bursting, our gaze fixed… looking and listening for Him… seeking the constant continual fellowship He saved us for.  BUT, does He get it?

We are crazy to forget.  We are fickle to chase after other gods… other pleasures without Him.  And in this process of submitting to sin, finding our satisfaction in things we cannot enjoy for His glory… our ears may stop hearing Him call our name.  Our hearts may weary and grow cold as we desire another lifeblood than His Spirit.  And, our lips most certainly cease to utter His praise.  ….Crazy.

BUT, God unstops blocked ears and revives weak hearts and fills lips with unspeakable joy and unending praise!  He can and He does and we are the recipients again and again of His goodness and grace.  This morning these realities impacted me sweetly as I enjoyed my fellowship with God and so I do what I do when I don’t want to forget… I write it down, for His glory…for my remembrance… and for His use as I pray that His working in my life will encourage another to see Him as the Faithful God.  There is no one like You; there is no one like our God!

Only Just Begun

Now unto Him who is able to do far more abundantly

Beyond all we ask or imagine, To Him be the glory

I can’t stand to stay where I am, in these shallow seas as deep calls to deep

I won’t rest, there’s a fire in my chest to know You more

You’ve only just begun to show your greatness and power

We’ve only just begun to see your Almighty Hand

Is there any other one who compares to our God?

No one else can do what He can.

There is no one like You!  There is no one like You

There is no one like our God

There is no one like You there is no one like You

There is no one like our God

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