12/31/2011…1/1/2012 Like it or not, it’s an opportunity. Dive in deep…’TRUST GOD 2012′

Year after year of worldly promises, wishful resolutions, impotent promises.

2012 ?

It’s not so much that I feel a need to expound on my/your options, right?

It really is just a confronting challenge, a loving brother to brother shoulder bump, and ‘friendly wounding’ (Prov 27:6) or maybe a call to the grave, COME FORTH!, ‘Repent and Believe’

  •  think on JESUS CHRIST
  •  think on the CROSS
  •  think captivity vs freedom
  •  think death/hell vs life/new heavens and new earth!!

It won’t be long; brother… sister… til we’ll be going home.  Persevere, He will carry you!!

The Good News of the Gospel is full and complete!  And it is also as free and simple as receiving grace… pardon…forgiveness… a washing away of sin and it’s penalty to live rejoicing in Jesus Christ forevermore.

If you leave this world in 2012, how will you leave, to where will you go?  Don’t leave it a question unaddressed in 2011, set your feet on a path of righteousness, enter the narrow gate and enjoy sweet pastures and tough mountain climbs.

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