Rescued from Myself

I’ve been reading the first chapter in a book by Paul David Tripp, Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands: People in Need of Change Helping People in Need of Change.  Without laying out a lot of detail, I’ll just make a conclusion before heading off to bed.

I’ve been rescued!     I’ve been rescued from myself and I’m being rescued.  Redemption!!   “The Bible calls the change redemption.  We are not only changed, we are restored to God.  This is what makes all other change possible.”

I’ve been Redeemed!  And it makes odd sense to me that the words of the old hymn by Fanny Jane Crosby, Redeemed — how I love to proclaim it, and the music don’t match up properly.  Read the lyrics of the hymn…. there is exuberance, gladness, joy, giddiness… rapture, affectioned preoccupation.

Redeemed—how I love to proclaim it! Redeemed by the blood of  the Lamb; Redeemed through His infinite mercy, His child, and forever, I  am.

Redeemed, redeemed, Redeemed by the blood of the  Lamb; Redeemed, redeemed,   His child, and forever, I  am.

Redeemed and so happy in Jesus, No language my rapture can  tell; I know that the light of His presence With me doth continually  dwell.

I think of my blessed Redeemer, I think of Him all the day  long; I sing, for I cannot be silent; His love is the theme of my  song.

I know I shall see in His beauty The King in whose way I delight; Who lovingly guardeth my footsteps, And giveth me songs in the  night.


We need a new score for these lyrics… well, at least I think so!

From ch1, pg16 —  Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands

“As human beings, we cannot walk through life on our own.  We need rescue, healing, and forgiveness.  In short, we need God.  We need the good news, the news of the King who has come, making lasting change possible.  This alone is our personal hope and the basis of our ministry to others.

The good news of the kingdom is not freedom from hardship, suffering, and loss.  It is the news of a Redeemer wh has come to rescue me from myself….”

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