A ‘political’ calling

Carefully and respectfully, I asked a reasoned, thoughtful, wise mother of nine –
Do you think a low bar of Constitutional allegiance is outdated or mute?
(btw, this mother of 9 has multiple sons in West Point)… She graciously responded –
 “I think that Constitutional allegiance is critical and most pressing.  Not because it is the Constitution; but, because the men who wrote it were men who constructed it with Biblical principles and with great prayer.
I believe that the wisdom reflected in it, reflects men who served and worshipped the God of the universe, who in turn gave them immense wisdom to craft the most enduring Constitution. This wisdom is evidenced by the fact that under our Constitution, America has become the longest on-going Constitutional republic in the history of the world!  Why on earth would we relegate it to the trash heap; LUNACY! The Founding Fathers were convinced that the Constitution alone was inadequate to govern America unless it was applied by leaders of faith and integrity. May our Constitution survive, but more importantly, may we have men rise up to stand in the venerable shoes of its writers.The Constitution is being ditched because the men of today are not the men of the Constitution days.”
I, respectfully and with gratitude, receive/consider her thoughts as I participate with my countrymen in ruling this great country of ours.  Why, a silly a thought as it is, would I acquiesce to the ignoble rule of another self-serving dictator?  We have had so many.  It continues with us to call on our Sovereign God to express Himself.  It is our greatest hope and expectation that He will; and we wait, patiently, on Him;  He knows.
It is time to call on God to save us from our sins, isn’t it?
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