Et tu, Brute? John 13

Imagine it… you’re reclining at the chest of your dearest friend, teacher, Lord and you hear his heavy voice say

“…one of you will betray me”

Each disciple dropped their head in shame, aware that He might be speaking of them?

No, that isn’t what it says. ‘The disciples looked at one another, uncertain of whom he spoke.’ There was a sense in which they could not believe it was them and so they looked at one another…. who?

John has a moment here. He hears his Savior say, ‘one of you will betray me’. He is close; his head lays upon the rising and falling of his Lord’s chest. The response of Jesus could be but a whisper…and John remains quiet, curious. “Lord who is it?”

Jesus leaves no mystery in his reply…

This passage doesn’t move past me without question and concern.

Judas was guilty. Guilty for his response to Jesus. Beyond a glib confession or an unreal excuse… Judas is faced with the reality that he doesn’t believe in Jesus.

How about you?

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