don’t run… don’t hide… don’t refuse

Steadfastness.  You want the ‘full effect’.

How do we move so quickly past this purposed promise… ‘that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing’?

Maybe its the cost factor.  Just like a nasty medicine that makes us nauseated, so are the ‘trials of various kinds’ we are called to consider with joy for the end result they will accomplish in us.

Suffering has to be received as the sovereign grace of God to us; there is no other way to ‘count it all joy’.  I’ll run, I’ll hide, I’ll refuse it… unless I believe and receive these light and momentary afflictions as from a loving Savior perfectly at work establishing my faith through my life and circumstances to produce ‘steadfastness’.  And the promise here is for something of increasing value… ‘its full effect’, which is that we may be ‘perfect and complete, lacking in nothing’.

Do I want Jesus Christ to be my all in all?  Help me Lord, not to run, not to hide and not to refuse You and your perfect eternal plans for me.

meditations from James 1

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