Say what you want, it’s YOU I won’t tolerate?

Carson does it to me again… He says things in such a way that I am obliged to stop and think.  Of course that is almost always followed by a period of cleaning, straightening and re-organizing my mind/thoughts.  It’s sort of like being sent to clean up my room.  I have this and that and the other thing, but they aren’t organized in an accessible manner.  Or, much like my tools and whatnot in the basement; I can never find what I need when I need it.

Here in this video segment, Don Carson puts some thoughts forward regarding the postmodern view of tolerance.  Good stuff!

So then, my toleration of certain individuals is clear indication that I am intolerant of their idea-position-belief(s).  And… that people who hold to this view of tolerance are no longer tolerated.  Yikes.

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