I dare you… ‘take up and read’

Are you a risk taker?  Are you more apt to get up and try something for the potential achievement or reward or are you likely to pursue your comfort in the status quo?

Well, consider this dare!

I dare you to take fifty percent of what you might be planning to read over the next few summer months, assuming you intended to read at all 😉 and put aside half of the fiction books and take up something that will perhaps have an eternal impact in your life, your thinking and your believing.

Why?  I dare you in this because someone dared me several years ago… and I took the dare.  Part of the dare was to read things well beyond my current level of comprehension.  This seemed a bit daunting, but I tried it and found that while challenging, it didn’t leave me without reward.  I now have a better grasp of things that I had no grasp of before.

And before you play the ‘I’m not a reader’ card, let me assure you that while I am a reader, I’m a very slow, plodding reader… it doesn’t matter what your starting point or perceived reading ability is, just start.  The fact that you can read through a Karen Kingsbury or Stephen King novel in a day or a week should not put you off from reading non-fiction that may take you two weeks or a month to make your way through.

Take the summer off from the fiction, novels, and fluff n stuff!  Take up a book or two of biography of some old dead saints whose lives reflect a true life of following Christ… find out how they experienced God’s faithfulness.  Take up a book or more on good foundational theology… read one of the many great books on the attributes of God (Pink, Tozer)… find an old saint whose ministry was impacted by their prayer life (in keeping with James’ example) and dig in!  (Spurgeon maybe?).  There is no lack of good reading… ask your pastor or trusted friend for a few suggestions.  Maybe you need to turn right (non-fiction) as you enter the church library next time you visit, rather than turning left (fiction) …just sayin. 🙂

So, go ahead… I dare you!  Augustine (a saint of old) in his need heard the words singing in his ears, “take up and read, take up and read”.  He took up and read from the Holy Scriptures and God changed his life and eternity.  Don’t go with the flow, step away from the status quo…

Take this dare…

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