Leave your firearms at the door, along with your freedoms…

I wonder what the Germans, Christian and non-Christian, were thinking as Hitler was establishing the foundation from which he would carry out the despicable acts he pursued in his reign of power.  How was he able to pull the wool over so many eyes before it was too late?

How many times will we look the other way without taking action in some appropriate fashion when the freedoms heralded in the Constitution of the United States of America are boohooed and trivialized  and then disregarded.

The 2nd Amendment is such a freedom, privilege and even a social responsibility as some have argued.  BUT, this is not simply an issue about guns.  The trivializing of our liberties goes well beyond this immediate example in the news today.  The exchange of our liberties for some perceived good is, as this article points out, a slippery slope that affects more than the Constitutional 2nd Amendment concerns.  This slippery slope is a stronghold being built upon and perpetuated by those who would tear down the fabric of freedom established in our Constitution.

When will you be motivated to respond in an appropriate manner?  When is it ‘too late’ to act responsibly?  What will have to happen before you look back and ask, “why didn’t I do something before it got this far?”


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