Don’t be ‘short-changed’ this Christmas

Are the Temple money-changers ‘short-changing’ you this Christmas?

If I say black, you say white.  When I say yes, you say no.  When I say Christmas, you say….?  Presents, money, craziness, decorations?

When I say Christmas, say Jesus.  Don’t miss it, even a little bit; say Jesus Christ Incarnate!!  Savior of the world; Son of God, come to Earth!  Shout it!  Proclaim it!

DON’T let the money-changers distract you.

Jesus Christ, Son of God, Light of the world… has come¸did come, is come.  Let heaven and nature sing, JOY to the world, the LORD is come.

When Moses approached the LORD God on the mountain at the burning bush, it was holy ground.  Make no mistake.  Remove your sandals.

When we approach the Savior of the world at Christmas, make no mistake we honor and celebrate a Holy Night!

O Holy Night… the night when the Incarnate Son of God…the Word (Jn1:1)… the Prince of Peace, King of kings, LORD of lords came… in complete humility so that we might know Eternal Life in Jesus Christ through the forgiveness of our sins, a debt we could never pay.

O Holy Night…  fall on your knees.  Worship, Christ the King!

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