Assuming the Gospel?

“Don’t assume the Gospel.” 

This comment is still working in my heart twenty-four hours later, as it should.  This morning, not having to rush off to work, I pursued this idea of assuming the Gospel and came to two particularly helpful links that I want to post here.  The first link, from D.A. Carson entitled, Put the Advance of the Gospel at the Center of Your Aspirations, speaks from Philippians 1:12-18a.

This second link addresses the same thought, though differently and in a more specific context… the local church.  Thankfully, God is blessing my local church with gospel-centered preaching.  Our pastor is at least a third generation preacher and it was his dad who was preaching yesterday.  Now I may not remember his exact words, but I do remember that idea – don’t assume the gospel.  So, consider too, this brief word from Justin Taylor, How to Avoid Assuming the Gospel,

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