Hey, let’s BOYCOTT!

Whether you are “embracing diversity”, as Starbuck’s CEO Howard Schultz reasons, or showing compassion as Jesus Christ displayed, we do have a difficult path to walk if we are going to boycott products and services in our culture based on someone’s actions/position in the organizational leadership of these intermingled entities that we’ve come to depend on. 

If you’re not a Starbuck’s coffee fan, it is an easy choice to ‘boycott’ their product, even as you write your check for car insurance to Progressive; after all, they offered you the best rates by a significant margin over all the competitors, right?  But does Progressive Insurance pass the scrutiny test?

How about your cleaning products, dishwashing soap, favorite tv network?!  Do they pass the boycott test?  But you say, “I only watch the good programs; my programs don’t further the offensive agendas the Word of God identifies as sinful.”  If you put your expectations on someone else to join your boycott against Starbucks or ?, are you ready to boycott every company, product and service that is somehow tied to this sinful world?

Hey, I’m in full agreement with some of you who want to voice their opinion in response to our culture; I do it all the time.  But be careful about laying your conscience on someone else unless you’re going to meet the return expectation they might place at your door. 

Vote for governmental leaders with an unburdened conscience.  Respond to grievous legislation with directed commentary to those who can impact a change or legitimately increase the cry against tyranny.  Explain, with reasonable patience, why the dismantling of our Bill of Rights will be the undoing of a great experiment (a flawed but great experiment) that is the U.S.A.

Do these things you are free to do, but be careful when your conscience on a matter causes you to wrongfully judge or bring condemnation down on another who does not share your conscience.  Boycotts are a great mechanism to communicate to those we are involved in commerce with, so get to it if you please.

Boycott sin.  Boycott laziness.  Boycott unwillingness to meditate on God’s word day and night.  By all means, use the boycott.

Just be careful you do not sin against God and do injustice to your brother.

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