Speak O Lord, listen O my soul

Levels of engagement, preparedness training, properly equipped, vigilance, right thinking, right affections…

These are some of the thoughts in my mind as I consider a song written for pastors, written for the Church, written for all who have been saved by grace from death to life.  Serious lyrics, serious words.

Levels of engagement… how engaged am I in this warfare?  How am I engaged in the ministry of the Word through my pastor?  Am I praying for him regularly, especially as sunday approaches and he faithfully and obediently preaches the Word?  How engaged am I in the preparation of my heart to receive the Word?  Am I looking to my Heavenly Father to speak to His family out of love and concern for our souls, for our sanctification and for the sake of His name, that His kingdom might come and His will would be done here, on earth, as it is in Heaven?

Am I praying for my family to receive the Word of God, am I praying for my church and am I praying for the Church?  Am I properly engaged?
I am thankful this morning for God’s faithfulness and love to ask me these questions and to stir up my own heart.  I am hopeful and joyful that He might stir up yours as well.  Grace and peace to you as you hear and receive these words…

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