Independence from illegitimate tyranny

Independence Day – Happy 4th of July!    ??

This past week and weekend it was quite normal and right to hear many praying with thanksgiving for the freedoms we enjoy here in the USA.  I believe we need to remain thankful for what we have and to give some thought to what it might look like if we didn’t.  We are not an elite people, living in the USA; but we are blessed and enjoy privileges afforded by a sound Constitution that has been the rule of law for most of our history.

Recent decades, however, would indicate that those who would rather take control of the USA are making significant inroads into how ‘We the People’ live and enjoy the freedoms intended for all of America’s citizens.  This video reveals one inroad that most of us have come to accept as the ‘norm’ and maybe we even say its for our own good?

This post is not to bash police, but to show that many (maybe most) Police Depts in our country have been directed off course and are wrongfully infringing on citizen’s rights.  The sad thing about this is that they haven’t connected this infringement with the inevitable end which is tyranny, fascism and totalitarianism — the type of governing that most countries of the world are under in some form or another.  Do we want to keep going down this path without thinking and praying about what that will mean?

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