Responding to the pitfalls of social networking

Don’t you just hate those Facebook or blog posts repeatedly expressing support FOR something or support AGAINST something, especially when their position is different or opposite of yours?

Yeah, me too!  😉  Well, truthfully, not really.  If I’m in support of whatever the content I can ‘like’ their post, comment on their post, or just read it and nod and move on without venturing anything.  If I’m not in support of the post I have lots of options too.  I can comment, antagonize, contribute an opposing view, read it in disgust and move on without saying anything, or …

Funny thing, I’ve never had anyone get angry or frustrated or mean-spirited and belligerent when I’ve ‘liked’ or commented in agreement with what they’ve posted.

Not so funny thing is when you oppose or disagree or offer a response that isn’t all flowers and ice cream.  Not many of us like when our view is challenged, we’d rather others would keep their opposing opinions to themselves.  Unfortunately that doesn’t always help us much.  If I wrote off the preacher every time something he was preaching from the Word (from the Word being an important stipulation) that sheds light on faulty thinking on my part I’d quit going to church, that is, if I was bent on not considering truth and change.  But like you, I’m a mess of sinfulness and finiteness and I need to embrace truth and change, no matter how precious my opinion or sin or ignorance is to me.

Sometimes, to be fair and thankful, the response is good and thoughtful and interactive even amidst differing views and opinions.  Other times, to be frank and not so dismissive, the response is nothing short of nasty, even when that nasty is followed by a patronizing “…well bless your heart”.  Yeah — that will test my self-righteousness every time.  ;- /

I started my direction of writing this morning with the idea of ‘freeloading on liberty’, but I guess I needed to work through this other struggle in my mind first.  Recent events are evidence that God is being faithful to continually sanctify me and draw me from dependence on self-righteousness to freedom and joy in His righteousness.

That moment you take hold of a thought that gives you one iota of credit for any goodness is the moment you’ve surrendered to self-righteousness. There is no Grace in self-righteousness…for you or that ‘other’ person.

Boy, do I need a lot of Grace!

Another pitfall is writing/posting for approval, likeability, uniformity and conformity… another form of potential self-righteousness.  But that is a post for another day 🙂  Maybe.

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