Committed to pray – Perspectives Class- NJ – Spring 2014

Hey all – I’m asking God to stir up a team within His Church to pray over the next several months for a group of folks who are pursuing a Perspectives class. A what, you say?… read a bit further.

Okay…for all those who clicked my link on Facebook or who may have simply stumbled onto this blog post I have a simple but significant request of you. Will you commit to pray?

Now, before you ask about what or who or why, I want to make this request as plain and simple as my mind can readily address. Am I willing to pray? Will I commit to pray?

If there is one thing I find too easy to run past in the daily activity of life – yours and mine – it is talking with God about all things, important things, other things than my own, often worldy, agenda.

Here is a link to clue you in.. Go ahead and click on it now, or keep reading.

There is a church, a small church, that belongs to God in the northeastern part of the USA, more specifically it is located in Newfoundland NJ. It’s a simple place, nestled into the forested countryside amidst a great population of peoples – within its reach are peoples from every tongue, tribe and nation. Pretty cool, huh?! This community impacts a great multitude of folks and we reach into New York City every day in some form or another. Get a taste for the investment of your time with God – praying, pleading, interceding and maybe simply getting to know this God, whom you’ve never talked with before, a bit better than you do now.

In just about a week, a small group ( I haven’t even met yet, and I’ll be one of them) will begin meeting on Monday nights to be challenged, taught, exposed, inspired and called to invest themselves in the ongoing work of Jesus Christ whose birth we’ve just celebrated. We are taking a class called Perspectives…
Perspectives..on the World Christian Movement. Building global momentum to help complete the Great Commission.

It is a class that meets on Monday evenings from 6:30-9:30pm, beginning on January 6th and going through to May 5th. Introduction & Orientation – to which you are warmly invited will be on January 6th; it will be 15 weeks with 15 Instructors… yet One Epic Story.

My purpose in calling you in to read and think about this is simply that you are my friends all around the globe. I have been purposed to pray for a group, large or small, of folks who will commit to PRAY for this class and more specifically for those who attend this class, that they will be changed, that in the midst of life’s busyness that they will persevere and grow and change.. Heck, this is what I want for myself!

So will you? You don’t have to be part of this church in Newfoundland NJ, nor do you need to know those who are attending, nor do you, on the outset, even have to know how to pray or who it is you will be entering into conversation with; you just have to be willing and committed. God will make His way known.

I hope you will contact me via this blog or by Facebook message and let me know if you have questions or simply want to ‘enlist’; I am looking forward to how God will act in and through each of you.

By the way, if you’re local to the Newfoundland area and want to get information on this class, please do so quickly… email or call…
Email: Phone: 973 697 0990

Once again, what are you committing to? You are committing to pray. Pray once a day, all day, pray at mealtimes, pray as you awake and as you lie down to sleep. Commit to pray and enjoy the time you spend with God. Pray for those who will be studying hard each week, reading much, thinking hard, embracing the challenges that come up each week. Also, as often as personal weekly prayer requests are submitted, we will get those into your hands quickly so that you can include specific requests in your conversation with God concerning these matters.

I look forward to finding out who God is stirring up to commit themselves to pray for the Perspectives class in Newfoundland NJ at the Green Pond Bible Chapel.


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